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Innovative Business Services designs, develops, implements and supports innovative management, operational and control systems that encompass every function and process of an organisation.
We provide a full spectrum of simple, modern and customised consultancy solutions from single to multi-integrated management systems, corporate strategy, legal compliance, operations management, product and services development, productivity and performance management, reengineering and restructuring,
Our experts analyse and suggest the proper solutions, take the necessary actions and monitor their success to make your business more effective and productive.

Our Approach

Our approach is to provide innovative, holistic, effective and creative professional solutions. It is vital for us to learn and feel our client’s vision, strategy and values and then design tailor made solutions.  At the same time, we ensure through seminars, coaching and mentoring that proper knowledge and skills are present before implementing the appropriate consultancy services. Thus, close collaboration is developed and maintained throughout the project, creating long lasting relationships.

Our methodology the five stages approach:

1. Definition stage: Analysis and understanding of the “consulting project”. Definition of the terms, parameters, objectives, barriers and final deliverable. This is translated to a formal proposal.

2. Structure stage: Creation of a work plan, denoting activities and required resources. This is reflected on an Engagement Structure.

3. Data Gathering stage: The “research” and “discover” stage in order to assess state-of-art situation. The outcome is depicted on a “Facts & Findings” report.

4. Synthesis stage: Analysis of Facts & Findings. Conclusions are drawn based on supporting documents.

5. Conclusions stage: Recommendations are made under the assumption expectations and change can be managed.

6. Post-consulting/Implementation:  A course of actions is agreed to apply the chosen recommendations and to monitor progress.

Our team of management consultants comprises of Operations Managers, Engineers, Accountants. Lawyers, European Affairs Advisors, Sales and Marketing Executives, Hospitality Experts, Quality Managers, Health Safety and Environmental Experts.

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