What we can do for you

Funding projects is major chapter for every Small Medium Enterprise (SME). The limited access to capital becomes an obstacle to SMEs’ plans to start or expand. Did you know though there are different national and/or EU funding opportunities for SMEs and start-ups?

The purpose of funding is to facilitate the implementation of a project which will have an eventual positive effect on an SME’s productivity. The Funding schemes can cover any project size depending on total call budget. Some have strict submission dates and some others are open throughout the programming period. Funding comes in the form of a financing, a subsidy or a low-interest loan, depending on the purpose of project, the funding body and the required amount. Co-financing is usually required at a percentage of the total value of the project. Co-financing represents the contribution of the applicant to the project.

IHE can support you in applying or competing for such funding opportunities.  We can undertake the building of the project proposal as well as the project management after approval.

Our Approach

Writing a project is like building a case. You need to prove convincingly that you have a realistic and yet innovative idea supported by sufficient resources and good management to implement it.  Innovation in business means implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products/services or improving existing products/services or re-engineering processes. How can an idea become innovative?  Innovation is a very flexible term and ideas can become innovative by changing some of their parameters.

In all cases, funding cannot be granted without having to prove the quality of the project. Quality is a safety net that ensures that things will go according to plan. The quality of a project must adhere to certain rules which when met, the project earns the edge towards its competition. Quality addresses three dimensions:

  • Design quality: Specifications of project deliverables, quality management system, business case, project management plan
  • Process quality: Performance of time, cost, safety and risks, quality audits

Organisation quality: Stakeholder management, skills and training, partnership, teamwork and communications

Our Services

IHE offers a wide range of services for funding opportunities:

Management of proposals

IHE can be commissioned to write a project proposal from scratch with the support of a client’s technical team.

Management of third party participation

IHE can project manage the role of a client in a project in order all commitments and obligations to the project are met.

Subsidy scheme application

IHE has a global knowledge of all current subsidy schemes and can undertake the application and implementation stages.

Contact point:

IHE is the contact point of EU entrepreneurship programmes and can engage businesses and individuals as beneficiaries.

Funding programmes presentation

IHE can make presentation on funding schemes free of charge.

IHE appreciates that project ideas bear a significant value to every business. As a professional entity, it operates in full discretion and it is ready any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement to protect the SME.  In order for IHE to be able to offer substantial value, it is important to have a full view of a business project planning.