What we can do for you

Innovative Hospitality provides services that encompass every aspect of the Hospitality Recreation and Catering sector (HORECA).

We provide a full spectrum of innovative and customised consultancy from business conception to implementation, reengineering, operations and performance management, focusing on improvements, legal compliance, higher revenue, protectivity, best image and reputation.

Our experts analyse and suggest the proper solutions, take the necessary actions and monitor their success to make your business more effective and productive.

Our Approach

Our approach is to provide innovative, holistic, effective and creative professional solutions. It is vital for us to learn and feel our client’s vision, strategy and values and then design tailor made solutions.  At the same time, we ensure through seminars, coaching and mentoring that proper knowledge and skills are present before implementing the appropriate consultancy services.

Thus, close collaboration is developed and maintained throughout the project, creating long lasting relationships.

Our extensive experience in HORECA is comprised by a team of hospitality consultants, Chefs, Food and Beverage specialists, Executive Housekeepers and Room Division Managers who have been successful in their fields within the sector.

Our Services

Business from Conception to Implementation

Management Systems

Operations Management

Reengineering & Restructuring

Quality Management

Cost Control


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